Food + Beverage

Over the years, we have built one of the strongest, most experienced marketing and branding teams specializing in food and beverage. And now we're proud to team up with FoodMinds – an award-winning food and nutrition communications and consulting company with offices in Chicago; Washington, D.C.; and San Francisco.

Together, we create the fourth-largest food and beverage group in the country among independent agencies. We represent consumer, foodservice, retail and manufacturing audiences, as well as build relationships with health professionals, growers and producers. Our team includes food, wine and coffee experts; registered dietitians; nutrition policy and public health experts; recipe developers; and research, branding and digital specialists. Our unique in-house resources include a culinary studio proximate to national news media in New York City and digital, design and web production services.

Learn more about FoodMinds, a division of Padilla, at

Food + Beverage Lead: Ed Hoffman
A food industry specialist, Ed leads the Food + Beverage team with nearly 25 years in communications strategy and marketing communications. His diverse background spans multiple disciplines and all channels of the industry, including retail, foodservice and ingredient. Ed also heads up Padilla’s Los Angeles office.

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